About Me

Hello! I'm Asel Kulmeshkenova (she/her) and am originally from Kazakhstan. I am a licensed associate marriage and family therapist (LAMFT). I know first hand the impact of abrupt transitions, trauma and unhealthy relationships. I get excited discussing trauma, identity, communication and cultivating healthy relationships! I'm currently practicing under the supervision of Jessi Leader, LMFT.

In The Office

I'll be showing up as myself 100% of the time. My style is human centered (you are the expert on YOU), laid back, and transparent. Depending on your needs we will sit in silence together, rage when needed, have a good belly laugh and honor your body's natural process. There is no need to censor yourself with me - sharing your raw, unfiltered self makes for some good therapy. Vulnerability is a practice and I'd be honored to be your biggest cheerleader!

Outside Of The Office

You'll find me moving my body with weight lifting, martial arts, axe throwing, and dancing. You'll also find me resting, not moving and binging a show on Netflix. It's all about that balance, right?

I Love Working With

Couples + LGBTQIA

Sexuality + Polyamory



Asel Kulmeshkenova