About Me

Welcome, I am Jessi Leader (she/her). I freakin' love to support folks as they restore trust, connection and intimacy in their relationships. Life is difficult and we all deserve support, connection, and advocacy. Unfortunately, many folks were modeled an unhealthy version of how to do relationships from their caregivers, society, or culture. We all deserve to be seen, heard and understood. Therapy is the perfect place for this and I am honored to create a space for you to be seen, heard and understood – it is seriously the coolest thing about my job.


I've always been so damn curious. As an adult, I have so much admiration for my mom's patience for the many, many questions I asked. Growing up in Alaska the world seemed so vast. Exploration and dreaming was highly practiced and valued. We use to order travel brochures from places far, far away and plan ridiculous vacations. I owe my love for culture to my Mom and The Last Frontier. This passion has only increased with age (just ask about how many vacations I have on the books), but luckily that makes me an effective therapist.


I feel so blessed to have found a career that brings me so much joy. I believe a part of me knew I was meant to be a therapist my whole life. As a little one I oscillated between wanting to be a teacher, firefighter and hair stylist … are you picking up on the theme of helping others? I am lucky to have found the Family Social Science program that not only spoke my language, but gave my life more purpose at the University of Minnesota. I earned my master’s in Marriage and Family at Saint Mary’s. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

I Love Working With

Couples + Disconnection



Sexuality + Intimacy

Jessi Leader