About Me

Hey there! I'm Jessi Leader (she/her) a multiracial human (white + Indigenous) and a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). I have a deeply personal relationship with being misunderstood, trauma and the negative impacts of living in a patriarchal society. These experiences have greatly influenced how I show up as a relationship therapist. I geek out over all things related to relationships, family dynamics and sexuality.

In the Office

You’ll find me sipping on tea, likely wearing slippers and actively listening to clients. My style is casual, conversational and overall pretty damn human. I’ve learned that if I can show up with my human self (including the flaws and mistakes I’m bound to make) then folks feel comfortable to bring their mess, confusion and pain into the space so WE can make some sense of it together. I will laugh, swear + cry with you. I’m playful, creative, sassy and loving which will be felt at different times throughout the therapeutic process.

Outside of the Office

You'll find me inhaling delicious food, learning about sustainable + Indigenous agriculture, loving on my pooch, concocting plant medicine and planning the next camping or hiking adventure.

I Love Working With

Couples + Disconnection



Sexuality + Intimacy

Jessi Leader