Modern Men Explore

This group is for male identified folks who are curious about being the best damn version of themselves they can be.


◊ Labeling emotions and beginning to explore them in a healthier way

◊ Acknowledge pain, loss and trauma that have impacted you over time

◊ Being the man you want to be in all realms of your life


◊ What does it mean to be a Modern Man in this world?

◊ How can you navigate stress, shame and loss in a healthier way?

◊ How can you experience joy, happiness and connection more often?


◊ This is a "hands on experience," meaning you will be expected to read articles or watch videos with plenty of specific practice in between meetings

◊ 8 session commitment, $450 investment

◊ 90 minutes of connection on Thursday evenings

◊ Online* Cohort contact for availability