About Me

Hello! I'm Rebekah Anderson (she/her) a multiracial (white + Latina), queer woman and a licensed associate marriage and family therapist (LAMFT). I am a fierce advocate for health and social justice. I am passionate about neuroscience, how incredible the body is and restoring connection in relationships. I'm currently practicing under the supervision of Patrick Parker, LMFT.

In The Office

I'll be nourishing my body with plenty of hydration. Comfort is a dear value of mine, which translates to wearing jeans, t-shirts and my favorite flannels. My style is laid back, transparent (no BS here) and will work at a pace that honors your body + goals. There are NO off limits topics. All are welcome including those who identify as counter culture or having a non-traditional relationship. I am sex positive, kink affirming and LGBTQIA+ affirming. It would be an honor to be an ally!

Outside Of The Office

You'll find me playing with my two doggos, watching women's basketball, navigating intersectionality and enjoying the Minnesota outdoors.

I Love Working With

Queer Community

Polyamory + Ethical Non-monogamy

Sexuality + Intimacy


Rebekah Anderson