There are plenty reasons a human would feel stressed and overwhelmed .. especially during the COVID-era. Sometimes anxiety can feel like the weight of the world is sitting on you or it can hijack your body and seemingly make decisions for you. Together we can integrate anxious parts into a more aligned + happy body.

Explore Contributors

◊ How has family + culture modeled anxiety?

◊ What are current stressors?

◊ How might you be getting in your own way?


◊ Increase awareness of triggers + contributors

◊ Utilize newly learned skills: grounding, presence, redirection, a healthy distraction, meditation, journaling .. so many tools

◊ Communicate with others about anxious parts


◊ Utilize feedback from practice, to create a de-stressed environment

◊ Feel confident in using skills to support anxious parts

◊ Ultimately, you will learn to have a healthier relationship with anxiety