Therapy for Men

Men face unique health challenges in modern society. Historically men have been socialized to be stoic, tough and lacking of emotional expression. This has harmed so many men and those who love them. We will break down this toxic stereotype and support Modern Men on their journey towards health and happiness.

You are likely

◊ Sick of feeling lonely, misunderstood, sad or angry

◊ Going through a break-up, divorce or significant loss and trying to make sense of it

◊ Curious about doing something different

We Will

◊ Sift through the sh*t that is keeping you down

◊ Figure out ways to get your needs, wants, desires & what you deserve met

◊ Explore how to live with integrity and authority

The Outcome

◊ Awareness of needs and ability to get them met

◊ Understanding of anger and how to express it healthier

◊ Better stress management and communication skills