Sexuality + Intimacy

Humans are sexual beings and deserve to experience pleasure. Sex, intimacy and connection are beautiful ways to get your pleasure needs met. But for many of us we have baggage around experiencing pleasure in the way the body deserves. Let's unpack it together + get you fully present to your sexuality, desire and intimacy.


◊ Explore barriers to an empowered relationship with your sexuality

◊ How has family, culture, religion impacted this view?

◊ Are there any limiting beliefs about the fact that you deserve pleasure?


◊ Practice self-care or self-love because your body needs this

◊ Call out outdated concepts, that no longer fit your current personal journey

◊ Fully embrace your ability to cultivate desire, intimacy and sex


◊ Practice presence, vulnerability and curiosity

◊ Be willing to practice different tools, and be brave enough to acknowledge when you need to pivot

◊ Embody the confident sexual being that you are