Inclusive and Welcoming To All

We mean it.

If you are a human being, we welcome you.

All parts of you are encouraged to show up.

Black Lives Matter.

The Practice of Cultural Humility

◊ We hold a high value in working with cultures that are outside of our own.

◊ We will use curiosity and compassion to learn about your experience, knowing that you are more of an expert then we are.

◊ We are intentional about acknowledging our own biases and regularly challenge our worldview, considering it is only one of 7+ billion worldwide. 


◊ Paul Wellstone said, "We all do better when we all do better." Connection with others is a natural way to be better.

◊ We will encourage you to explore existent community and seek new experiences.

◊ We provide intentional referrals to other healers and helpers in order to support your goals.