Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, marriage counseling, relationship therapy .. whatever you want to call it. We got you!

We explore strengths and barriers to the current health of your partnership. We focus on the juicy stuff, as well as topics that are infrequent or difficult to discuss.


◊ What did your parents and caretakers teach you about relationships?

◊ How was love, anger, respect, safety, security, intimacy, boundaries and communication expressed with family and previous intimate relationships?

◊ What hurt, trauma and loss have you experienced?


◊ What are current healthy + unhealthy relationship dynamics?

◊ What does communication, power, safety, intimacy, connection and autonomy look like?

◊ What isn't working and what might you want to do about it?


◊ How do you want to redefine your partnership?

◊ What new practices and habits will increase connection + intimacy?

◊ How can you not fall back into old habits?