About Me

Hey! I'm Leila Comer (she/her) a Black + Indigenous woman and a mental health practitioner. I have a lifetime of experiences which led me to practicing therapy 😊 I'm passionate about supporting people as they push back against inhumane systems. Together we process pain and trauma, and use your vulnerability as fuel for healing and growth that eventually embody love, joy and authenticity. My curiosity for relationship and family dynamics is endless!I'm currently practicing under the supervision of Jessi Leader, LMFT.

In the Office

You’ll find me taking care of my body, which often translates to a warm beverage and a cozy blanket - I'm always cold!. My style is casual, conversational and genuine. I have a unique ability to sense the invisible, which comes in handy when helping folks disrupt unhealthy patterns, move through cultural adversity, and put voice + action to the authentic Self. It's a joy to help learn and practice healthy communication, connection, intimacy and boundaries. My promise to you is: I will shine a light on the goodness of YOU, support you in choosing more health and will be my silly, protective self throughout the process.

Outside of the Office

You'll find me at 5 am circuit workouts, singing my heart out (even though I'm not the best singer), family game nights, baking, making candles and oils + forever chasing the NEXT thing to learn about.

I Love Working With

I specifically enjoy working with people who experience chronic health issues, BIPOC identity, parenting, pregnancy, couples and families.

Couples + Disconnection

BIPOC therapy

Adult family therapy

Sexuality + Intimacy

Leila Comer