Individual Therapy

We will explore all parts of you, in hopes to get you more connected to yourself and those around you.


◊ What obstacles are in the way of obtaining physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual and intellectual health?

◊ How do societal and cultural norms and expectations impact you?

◊ What do you need, want, desire and deserve?


◊ Communicating needs, wants and desires with others

◊ Combating negative self-talk

◊ Homework can be journaling, meditation, watching a TedTalk or episode on Netflix .. it can totally be fun

Common Results

◊ Ability to be more kind and compassionate towards yourself

◊ Awareness of needs, wants, desires and what you deserve + how to obtain or ask for these things

◊ Clarity around barriers to health and happiness

◊ Increased communication skills

◊ Ability to label and express emotions in a healthy way