Healing From Emotionally Unavailable Caregivers

This psycho-education group is for folks who are navigating the excrutiating impact of caregivers who were emotionally unavailable (ie, immature, Narcissistic, unwell). We'll explore the impact, process emotions, practice healthy coping and give/receive support from others who truly understand what you are navigating.


◊ Attachment + trauma

◊ Emotional expression (anger, loss, ambivalence)

◊ Radical acceptance


◊ Labeling unmet needs and the impact of caregivers unavailability

◊ Setting + maintain boundaries

◊ Self-care, agency + empowerment


◊ Each meeting we will explore a new topic, process what we learned, and set an intention for practice for the upcoming week

◊ 90 minutes of in-person education + connection Sunday from 1:00-2:30