The Beginning Matters: What Happens During a Consult

The Beginning Matters

Whether it's your first time looking for a therapist or you are a master at seeking therapeutic support, the process can be anxiety producing or leave you feeling lost. This is common, even for therapists searching for their own therapist. It's a wild task to pick a stranger and then share your deepest, darkest thoughts and emotions. We know effective therapy happens because of a safe and strong therapeutic relationship. A good therapeutic relationships is essential for healing and growth. The beginning matters..

Where to Begin?

Well, naturally you search for a therapist whether you look them up, get referred by another health care provider or by word of mouth. Then you find a few that seem to be what you are looking for but you haven’t met them so how could a person really know. Yep, makes sense to me. There is a thing called a consultation. This is an opportunity to meet a therapist before you decide to have them as your therapist. This will be similar in some ways and different in other ways depending on where you go. Essentially, consultations are your therapeutic first date. Not in a romantic way but a healthy healing one. Like any other new relationship you want to get to know what it could be like and see if it is a good fit

Complimentary 30 minutes consultation

Let’s talk about therapy consultations, Moody Octopus style! We provide our potential clients with a 30 minute consultation - oh and it’s free, woot woot! You (the client(s)) meet with a therapist of choice in person or virtually. So what actually happens during a consultation is simply a conversation between you and the therapist. You'll be properly introduced, then come the questions. I don't know about you but I LIKE questions. I learn information and gain clarity for my decisions through curiosity. 

The Therapist Asks

♦What brings you to therapy now?

♦What on your plate (stressors)?

♦What is your previous therapy experience? (we especially want to know about the shitty experiences)

♦Therapy goals or hopes

The Therapist Describes

♦Their therapy style and approach

♦Discuss pacing and share about general rhythm/structure of sessions

♦Typical length of therapeutic relationship

♦What giving + receiving feedback can look like

♦What the first few sessions look like

Your Turn

♦Guess what - you get to ask questions too! Some folks are unaware that as a client you can ask questions and we empower you to ask away! We know that curiosity is one of the best ways to get to know someone. It is even more important when it comes to trying to figure out who feels safe and competent to help process what you are experiencing. And show, you should kind of like them too! You can ask questions about who they are as a human, as a therapist, their education, strengths, areas of growth, limitations and they they typically support your challenges and/or goals.

Next Steps

It goes by fast but before it is over we talk about next steps whether that is deciding “Yes” to begin your journey here or “No, thanks” and you’ll keep searching. We don’t expect you to decide on the spot and will support you in taking the time your body needs to process.  "Yes," usually leads to scheduling and some paperwork, because everybody LOVES paperwork, right?!? Yeah, not really but it is important nonetheless. And if no, not a good fit, we will offer referrals for a better fit. Your health and  relationships are important to us and however we can be a resource to you, please let us know.