◊ This isn't your every day book club because the focus is on supporting you in your practice of being a Modern Man!

◊ The group is led by Jessi Leader, a relationship therapist, who specializes in supporting the unique challenges men face.

◊ Books will include fiction, graphic novels, memoirs and what the group is feeling at the time. You will vote between two books monthly and will read the favored book (thanks, democracy).

◊ You will have weekly prompts for reflection and exploration on how the book relates to your masculinity, health, and relationships. Prompts will be given in a private online community.

◊ We will meet monthly in person to foster connection and community for 1.5 hours.

◊ This space is inclusive for, "male identified" people

◊ Investment is $30 monthly with recurring payment. You can unsubscribe at any time.